flotation silica upgrading

Upgrading Silica/Glass Sand Concentrate Applying Cationic Flotation

the plant. The upgraded silica concentrate can be utilized as for manufacturing the white glass Fe2O3 ≤ 0.05 % . The floated product the tailings of the amine flotation can be a material for production of some titanium concentrates due to its TiO2

Process Of Flotation Of Silica

Upgrading Silica/Glass Sand Concentrate Applying Cationic Flotation28 Кб of flotation silica/glass sand concentrate clear flat glass quality , sized 0.600 ± 0.106 mm, from Camis Mining Company Mersin, Turkey was investigated applying amine flotation.Key Words: Upgrading of minerals, Froth flotation, Flotation reagents, Mineral processing.

flotation silicasand runs

upgrading silica/glass sand concentrate applying ionic flotation in this study, upgrading of flotation silica/glass sand concen- trate clear flat glass introduction. silica sand is utilized for a variety of commercial purposes.

Cationic flotation of silica from magnetic iron‐ore concentrates - Hedberg - 1970 - Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society - Wiley Online

Strong collectors, in other words, tend to float small amounts of iron along with the silica. Finely ground 90% less than 325 mesh or finer magnetic concentrates with iron and silica almost completely liberated are highly responsive to upgrading.

Stability and flotation behaviour of silica in the presence of a non-polar oil and ionic surfactant

Increasing the dodecane concentration from 0–2730g/t 0–0.81mM in a DDA-silica system was found to have no effect on the stability of the silica particles. Flotation data showed that the addition of dodecane with DDA in combination increased the removal rate of silica particles.

Upgrading of calcareous phosphate ores by flotation: Effect of ore characteristics - ScienceDirect

Flotation is used successfully in upgrading siliceous ores, whereas, scrubbing and desliming techniques are used for the removal of sili es clays . The calcareous types of phosphate ores are extremely difficult to concentrate, specially by flotation, due to the similar physicochemical characteristics of surfaces of the main constituents, carbonates and phosphates Elgillani and Abouzeid

US6098810A - Flotation process for separating silica from feldspar to form a feed material for making glass - Google Patents

In the process, the feed material is floated in the presence of a depressant to inhibit the flotation of feldspar and thereby form a concentrate containing at least most of the silica and a


by taking advantage of differences in their hydrophobicity. The flotation process is used for the separation of a large range of sulfides, carbonates and oxides prior to further refinement. Phosphates and coal are also processed and upgraded by flotation technology

Depressants for Calcite and Silica Flotation Studies of Limestone

The flotation experiment was conducted by using 0.5kg/T of sodium sili e and 0.16kg/T sodium oleate as depressant and collector respectively. The results obtained show thst silica can be reduced from 17.34 to 9.53 and Cao can be upgraded from 40.98 to 49

Upgrading of calcareous phosphate ores by flotation: Effect of ore characteristics - ScienceDirect

Upgrading of calcareous phosphate ores by flotation: Effect of ore characteristics Author links open overlay panel A.-Z.M crushing and screening, attrition, washing, magnetic separation, and/or flotation. However, none of these combinations was successfully

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