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The melting point apparatus is an essential instrument in Pharmaceuticals, Perfumes, Dyestuff, Food products and any other organic crystal substances. Model CDMP‐300 Melting Point Apparatus is based on Photo Electric Detection Technique and the

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Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual, 100 melting point tubes, NIST certif e and power cord. Ordering Example: 1 MPS10-120 Melting point apparatus, 1 C resolution, with pack of 100 melting point tubes, closed at one end, 120V, TWD40,835

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Digital Melting-Point Apparatus. Digital Melting-Point Apparatus 3. Micro Processor Melting-point Apparatus. LCD display. USB. Real time melting curve. Melting-point measurement range: room temperature -320 C. Setting rate of the “starting temp.”: 50 C 320 C ≤3 min; 320 C 50 C ≤5 min. Accuracy of starting temp.: ±0.4 C.

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Digital Melting Point Apparatus is a compact instrument designed for accurate determinations of melting points of solid samples. Salient Features: Cylindrical silicon oil bath. Built-in magnetic stirrer with electronic speed controller. Electronic controller for adjusting the heating rate.

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Digital Melting Point Apparatus IA 9000 series are composed of a foldable and adjustable 8 times amplifier and a large LCD screen. It adopts digital microprocessor to preheat and control temper-ature accurately. During operation, there`s no need to use

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Your Electrothermal Digital Melting Point Apparatus has been designed for general purpose laboratory use in which samples submitted for analysis are enclosed in a glass capillary tube and brought to a melt point condition under strict controlled parameters of

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DIGITAL MELTING POINT APPARATUS Model : CDMP-300 Melting Point Apparatus measures the melting point of a substance i.e. the temperature at which the state of the substance changes from solid to liquid. The actual melting point is an indi ion of the

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Digital Melting Point Apparatus. A melting point apparatus is a scientific instrument used to determine the melting point of a substance. A sample is loaded into a sealed capillary.The sample is heated electrically via a heating block controlled by thermostat or a digital temperature controller.

IA9000 Series Digital Melting Point Apparatus

The updated and improved IA9000 series Digital Melting Point Apparatus offers an easy way to measure the melting points of samples without sacrificing accuracy; the temperature resolution is within 0.1 C. It is ideal for multiple users, being ergonomically designed

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Some types of melting-point apparatuses include the Thiele tube, Fisher-Johns apparatus, Gallenkamp Electronic melting-point apparatus and automatic melting-point apparatus. Design edit While the outward designs of apparatuses can vary greatly, most apparatuses use a sample loaded into a sealed capillary melting-point capillary , which is then placed in the apparatus.

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